Ramik Green Rodent Bait Nuggets

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Product Overview

Ramik Green Rodenticide Bait nuggets in a resealable bag contains an effective anti-coagulant rodenticide formulated with food-quality grains and fish flavoring for superior bait acceptance to kill rats and mice. This weather-resistant rodenticide bait uses advanced food processing technology to produce a highly-attractive bait that retains long-lasting freshness. Say goodbye to critters with this rodent attractant!

*Effectively lures critters with food-quality ingredients.
*Nuggets are hot-extruded so they are weather-resistant without the use of wax.
*Green rodent attractant retains freshness for long periods of time.
*Easy to use rodent control formulated towards rats & mice.
*Can be used indoors and outdoors.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review