• Special Orders: Need a certain size or style of something for your plants, yard, lawn or garden? Call us to see if we can order that for you.
  • Delivery: If you cannot pick up your mulch, sand, stone or soil, we can deliver it to your job address if it is in our delivery area. Click here to see our delivery policy.
  • Custom Blends of Grass Seed: We weigh and bag your selections for you from 1 to 50 lbs.
  • Proprietary Birdseed Blends: We carry 2 custom birdseed blends that our loyal customers and their birds just love!
  • Yard Waste Drop-Off (by the yard): Organic waste only - no paper, plastic, trash, processed wood, rocks or cement. Allowed: tree branches, logs under 12" in diameter, leaves, grass, shrubs, brush.
  • Propane tank refills, RV propane refills
  • Certified scales, including truck & trailer scale