#411 Limestone (Bulk)

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2,000.00 LBS

Product Overview

Sold by the ton or 5-gallon bucket, medium sized rock with powder.
(Step 1) This is most commonly used under pavers, asphalt, and concrete. It is also used when constructing walls. When compacted correctly, material depth is reduced by 25%. For example, 4" layer of material will be 3" deep after being compacted.

#411 Limestone is a very commonly used gravel for construction applications.  Its compactible nature makes it great to use as a solid base for various structures.  This makes #411 Limestone great for:

- Bases for patios, walkways, driveways, walls and sheds
- Fill material for around a post for fences and signs
- Many other construction related applications

#411 Limestone is also sometimes referred to as Paver Base or 46D.

If you need to fill an area with something that will give you a very hard base, won't move, won't get washed out, won't allow large amounts of water through, and can later be removed without machinery, #411 Gravel will get the job done!