#57 Limestone (Bulk)

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2,000.00 LBS

Product Overview

Sold by the ton, half ton or 5-gallon bucket.  This is the largest of the limestone category, no powder.

Used for aesthetic edging and cover, driveways, draining ditches, bases, and concrete. 1” and below.

More details:

#57 Limestone Gravel is the most common used bulk stone for a large number of applications.  Its angular shape helps it lock in place, its relatively small size makes it easy to move. It has enough gaps when spread or compacted to allow water to flow through it.  

This makes #57 Limestone Gravel great for:

- Driveways
- Drainage in large areas that hold large amounts of water or small areas like the bottom of a flower pot
- Underneath small structures such as patios, driveways, landscape walls, and sheds
- Backfill for retaining walls
- Many other construction related applications

#57 Limestone Gravel is sometimes referred to as Driveway Gravel or 3/4" Gravel.

If you need to fill an area with something that won't move, won't get washed out, needs to drain water, or needs to provide a strong base for a structure, this is most likely the best option.