Captain Jack's Lawnweed Brew, Selective Herbicide

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3.00 LBS

Product Overview

Captain Jack's Lawnweed Brew is that rare herbicide that offers selective control. Using an active ingredient that's derived from iron, this liquid concentrate will kill many common broadleaf weeds (dandelion, clover, thistle, chickweed, etc.) without killing lawns. Works quickly (within hours of application) and kills down to the roots. This spray will also suppress several diseases common plant diseases – Dollar Spot, Rust, Snow Mold and more.

  • Pre-and Post-Emergent action on broadleaf weeds in a single application
  • Rainfast in 3 hours
  • Works in cool weather (down to 50°F)
  • Treated areas are safe for people and pets to enter once the spray has dried
  • Mixes instantly and thoroughly with water
  • Use with any standard handheld, backpack, compression or knapsack sprayer
  • Lawns can be re-seeded 1 day after application
  • Gives turf a fast green-up
  • Before using, please refer to the Use Precautions under the INSTRUCTIONS tab, or the manufacturer's label under the DOCS tab

Upon application, treated weeds, moss or algae will turn brown or black. Occasionally a darkening of the grass lead blades will occur after treatment; however, the grass will recover within a few days to weeks. May stain thatch (dead grass under lawn); this does not affect the health of the grass.