Granulated Lawn & Garden Compost

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18.00 LBS

Product Overview

One 18 lb. bag covers 1,000 square ft.

This compost is the only spreadable compost product on the market, providing consumers with an easier option for adding organic matter to soil.

Geared for use in both lawn and garden applications, the odor-free product is a concentrated dry pelletized formula, containing Encap’s patented ASTTM technology. The exclusive formula is made from a proprietary blend of leaf, manure, worm, and humate composts, and offers a fresh alternative to the messy, wet, tough to apply compost products that consumers have found on store shelves previously. The compost also offers double the coverage of traditional wet products.

• Can be applied with a drop spreader or broadcast spreader

• Combines cow manure & leaf compost with patented AST polymer that helps break up crusty soil & allows water to penetrate for better drainage.  This effective polymer changes the electrical charge in the soil & causes nutrients to bind to the soil

• When it rains, the nutrients don’t leach into the water table, which is better for the environment, and lasts longer.