Fall Lawn Fertilizer with GreenSmart 22-0-10

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16.00 LBS

Product Overview

 Give your lawn what it needs for one of the most essential times to fertilize, fall. Your grass will be heartier, and ready to withstand the stresses of winter. Feeds your lawn for up to 8 weeks, so you can get it done, and be done with it for the season.
Unique GreenSmart ingredient helps speed root growth to improve nutrient absorption so lawns are better able to retain water to protect against heat and drought. Promotes early spring green-up. Restores nutrients to your soil, providing overall better nutrition for your lawn. Apply during the fall season, before the first hard freeze.
Guaranteed analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) 22% Available Phosphate 0% (Helps protect our waterways) Soluble Potash (K) 10%