Dry, Screened Topsoil (Bulk)

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1,000.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
2 units

Product Overview

Sold by the yard and half yard. Our native topsoil provides consistent results when applied to planting beds, lawn establishment, filling low spots and other general landscape construction projects. It is a dark, uniform, soil that meets the needs of a variety of applications. Our topsoil has been screened for easier and more effective application, is kept dry and is a reliable, general purpose soil used for promoting stronger, healthier plants.

Product Use:

  • Lawn and grade establishment
  • Planting beds
  • Filling and levelling holes

Features and Benefits: Rich, screened topsoil. Easy cultivation and workability. Improves existing soil drainage.

More details: It is a natural, un-amended soil just like you might dig up in your back yard.  We have it screened to make it easier to spread and work with in landscaping applications.

The screening process removes sticks and rocks larger than around two inches.

The screening process does not remove all debris, so some rocks, clods, and sticks can be expected.  


Use Screened Topsoil for leveling your yard or filling in shallow sinkholes.  Cover up tree roots that have been exposed by erosion. Screened Topsoil is also the best choice when preparing a yard for fescue seed.

Recommended Coverage:

100 square feet per cubic yard at 3 inches deep