#8 River Rock aka Pea Gravel (Bulk)

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2,000.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
2 units
1 Ton

Product Overview

Pea-sized river rock great for driveways, sold by the ton, half ton or 5-gallon bucket.  The stones have rounded edges more like pebbles, whereas the #8 Limestone has sharper, straight edges.

Assortment of earth tone colors from tan, beige, brown, and white with hints of grey. Use as a low maintenance ground cover for walkways, flowerbeds, and patio areas.

More details:

Pea Gravel is a small, multicolored decorative stone used for sitting areas, paths, and landscaping.  This makes Pea Gravel great for:

- Spreading over a large area for a naturally looking and low cost patio area.  Many people use Pea Gravel for a sitting area around a fire pit
- Replacing mulch for a lower maintenance decorative landscape covering
- Filling small decorative containers

Pea Gravel is sometimes referred to as #8 River Rock or Pea Pebbles. 

If want to fill and area for a small, decorative gravel that's easy to spread and walk on, Pea Gravel is most likely the best option.